Lon Naylor interviewed by Dean Haycox

This is a repurposed audio episode of an interview conducted by Dean Haycox of ScreencastMagazine.com. He discusses with Lon Naylor (of LearnCamtasia.com) the workflow, tips and resources of this 10-year screencasting veteran who is an authority on both Camtasia Studio(R) andPowerPoint(R).

55- Dean Haycox and Lon Naylor interviewAs you will hear in this audio podcast, Lon delivers his workflow and his tips and hints for better screencasts, such as:

– “Show the last thing first”;

– Keep slides simple: one image, one thought (with few words) per slide;

– “Ace the audio”;


– Do not overuse animations.

There are a lot of other items mentioned, such as resources. You can get all from the shownotes of episode 12 of ScreencastMagazine.com (the podcast titled Screencast Academy Podcast or SAP).